This is where we put it all together. Perfing, scoring, stamping, drilling (punching), stitching (stapling), folding, gluing, binding, booklet making, shrink wrapping. Here is some of the equipment we use to finish your projects:

  • Duplo DBM-250T Booklet Maker
  • MBO B-18 Folder with Right Angle Attachment
  • Challenge MC30″ Cutter
  • Challenge MPC 30″ Programmable Cutter
  • Baum ND5 Drill
  • Heidelberg 10×15 Windmill
  • Rosback Score/Perf
  • Rollem Numbering Machine
  • Bessler T-14-8 Automatic Shrink Wrap System

If you have a question about a specific bindery need please call and ask.