Packaging Files to be Output

Laser Proofs

Send a black and white laser print. If your publication is in color, submit both a composite laser proof and color separations. This laser should be the final version of your file and at 100% size. If your project is too large to print a 100% proof then write the reduction percentage on the proof.

Use the laser proof to note special folds, perfs, correct backup orientation, anything that is not obvious from the page layout application file.

Preflight/Package/Hand Off

Page layout applications often have a utility for running a preflight check on your file before handing it off to a service provider You will be alerted to problems that need fixing, such as missing links, fonts, etc. Once these problems are resolved the utility can package everything for you (except for Quark’s-you have to copy the fonts manually). Print a report and submit this too.

We are able to accept both Macintosh and PC files.

If you are e-mailing a job, use a compression program such as Stuff-it, PKZip or one that creates a self-extracting archive. This will reduce file size and keep all the components together.

PDF and Postscript Files

If you have Adobe Acrobat Distiller you can create a PDF (Portable Document Format). This is a cross-platform, cross application file format that accurately displays and preserves fonts, page layouts, and other graphical elements in a publication. The drawbacks are that color separations are not possible and editing options are limited.

If your application allows it you can create a Postscript file. Like a PDF, all graphics, fonts and page descriptions are embedded in the file. You must have the PPD (Postscript Printer Description) file that your service provider will use to output your file. Editing is impossible so carefully consider this before opting to hand off a Postscript file to your service provider.