Sending Files

We can receive files by:

Click here to upload your file using our online solutions or follow the instructions below:

Transportable Media
(Floppies, Zip disk, CD, Syquest disk)

Files which are under 3MB in size after being compressed with WinZip or Stuffit can be e-mailed to:

FTP File Transfer
Files which are over 3MB in size after compression can be uploaded to our FTP space. Call for details if you are unfamiliar with this process. We’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Preparing Files For Uploading To Our FTP Space

  1. Find all your files and put them in a uniquely named directory (folder). Make sure the name is obvious so we can identify your file. Don’t use any symbols in the name.
  2. Compress the directory (folder) using either WinZip or Stuffit.
  3. Upload only one zipped or stuffed file, not a lot of separate files.

How To Connect To Our FTP Space

  1. Open an FTP program such as WSFTP or Cute FTP for Windows, or Fetch for Mac. Freeware FTP programs can be found at
  2. In the ADDRESS or HOST field enter
  3. In the SUBDIRECTORY field enter the name of your personal directory (call Pro Print to get one).
    (Call Pro Print for these)
  5. Upload your zipped or stuffed file.
  6. CONTACT US by phone or e-mail and let us know you’ve sent us a file.